The Raw Food Diet – Understanding the “Why” and Benefits of Live Food

Raw food connoisseurs think that overcooked foods harm the pure nutrients that come from food, consequently reducing their goodness for our bodies. Using a Quick Read Digital Meat Thermometer basically allows you to frequently monitor the temperature of your food – enriching your health and well-being.

The “mode” of raw cooking (also identified as “raw veganism” or “live food”), is sure to come to the fore as people grow up to become more aware of their health and the leasing of life. The “raw food” diet consists primarily of food that is not heated, that is, food that is cooked to a temperature lower than 104 ° F to 115 ° F (40 ° C to 46 ° C). The best thermometer to determine the temperature of your food accurately is a digital cooking thermometer like the efectivCHEF Quick Read Digital Cooking Thermometer.

“Raw food lovers” is the attitude that foods cooked at temperatures exceeding this level are bad for our bodies (and possibly dangerous), given that they have foregone a reasonable level of their nutritional value. Research conducted by the National Cancer Institute determined that people who had eaten rare or medium-rare beef had less than a third of the risk of stomach cancer when compared to people who ate medium-well or well-done beef.

Raw food lover’s belief is based on 4 important elements:

  1. Natural enzymes – which are found in raw or live foods and are essential for developing protein and repairing the body. These natural enzymes are broken down through the cooking process, thereby reducing the nutritional value of food and developing toxins. In effect, enzymes aid in energy conversion and storage, dissolve fiber, develop active hormones and avoid clotting. They help balance and restore the immune system, and have anti-inflammatory effects that heal many ailments. When food is heated excessively, many of the enzymes that facilitate digestion are damaged. However, critics were quick to point out that the digestive process breaks down enzymes, along with other proteins, resulting in them having insufficient health benefits in any case.
  2. Vitamins – support the conversion of carbohydrates and fats into energy, regulate metabolism and aid in bone and tissue formation. About 80% of vitamin nutrients (which vary according to each vitamin) are destroyed when food is cooked.
  3. Minerals – have a symbiotic affiliation with vitamins and mineral deficiencies can cause disease. As mentioned, when food is heated above a certain temperature, many minerals are converted if not completely destroyed, rendering them worthless and ineffective in helping to influence vitamins.
  4. Phytonutrients – reduce the chances of cancer by neutralizing free radicals. Again, the phytonutrients produced by fresh plant foods can be spoiled by heating.

Raw food followers consume fresh fruit and vegetable juices and will mostly include a minimal amount of processed food, as long as they are not heated above 115 ° F.Depending on whether a person is raw vegan or raw vegetarian, the raw food diet may contain:

  • seeds and nuts
  • all raw vegetables (including root vegetables) and fruits
  • sprouts
  • fresh herbs and raw spices
  • Eggs
  • squash and roots
  • fish (such as sashimi) and meat (such as carpaccio)
  • non-pasteurized milk (such as raw milk)
  • vinegar and food cured in vinegar
  • cold pressed oil

If you are considering subscribing to the raw food regime, the essential kitchen gadget you will definitely want is an accurate speed reading digital cooking thermometer such as the meat thermometer from Making sure your food is heated to below the maximum temperature is critical to maximizing the value of raw foods. Other kitchen utensils you might want to mean include food processors and blenders. If you want to expand your new interest even more, you might invest in a juicer to make fresh fruit and vegetable juices and a food dehydrator. You will find many recipes for making breads, raw crackers, and cakes that require a dehydrator.


So in conclusion, if we want our bodies to more than just survive, but thrive, it makes sense that we should follow a raw food diet. It seems rational that our bodies would retain their primary health from the natural nutrients of raw food, if cooking yielded the opposite result. Make sure you always have a digital cooking thermometer in your kitchen to enrich the health of your family.

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